Products - Titanium Dioxide Division



This is employed in various types of coatings such as in industrial enamels , interior architectural, as this pigment is free-chalking.


Imparts high whitness and opacity in filled and coated paper boards. Excellent property of small-uniform particles, chemical stability, low moisture absorption makes it ideal for use in paper.


Excellent high brightness, optimum particle sixe and chemicle stability characteristics are specially desirable in both dry copounded and latexdried rubber product.


Excellent high brightness, optimum particle size and chemicle stability is useful to many resin-polycofin, pelystyrene and poly vinychlorides.


Chalk crayon leather finishes, asbestos,artist’s water color, cements shingles,shoe dressing, wall paper, porcelain enameis, textile coatings, cosmetics etc. These raw material properties are typical properties and unless specifically indicated otherwise are not to be considered as delivery specification