Products - Titanium Dioxide Division


TiO2 is the important inorganic compound that is widely used in our life. It is a representative white pigment used for plastics, paints, rubbers and papers. The economic development of a country is sometimes measured by usage of TiO2 per person.

TiO2 is very stable material in physical and chemical terms and has superior coverage and staining power because it has the highest refractive index among white pigments and accurate particle sizes and dispersibility. It is used to remove gloss from chemical textiles and improve abrasion resistance of chemical textiles as well as for pigment. Moreover, it is widely used in various areas such as electronic materials, TV braun tubes and welding rod coverings using electronic characteristics so that we always find it in our ordinary life.

Recently, as new products utilizing the characteristics of TiO2 are rapidly developed and applied to various areas, the competition among countries becomes fierce. The representative products are catalysts and photocatalysts using Nano type products.